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Monthly archive for February 2010

Gold Is a Lousy Investment

By John Fisher Gold is currently trading over $1,100 as I write this.  I expect that gold will trade sideways in the near term, most probably between $1,060 and $1,220.  However, gold’s impressive rise hasn’t prevented news media and individual investors from questioning the viability of gold.

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Gold and Silver Prices – Watching Paint Dry?

By John Fisher The gold price has risen faster than silver, which is commonplace during market corrections. Gold needs to climb through $1,132 and then $1,150, the last high, in the near term.  If it does not, we may well see gold trade in a range of

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Precious Metals at ‘Bargain Basement’ Prices

By James Turk Every once in a great while, the market offers a unique opportunity to buy precious metals ‘on the cheap’.  I believe today is one of those moments. There is ‘panic in the air’ and ‘blood in the streets’, which are conditions that open up

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Gold is Testing “Floor” Theory

By James Turk There is a popular point of view that the Reserve Bank of India put a “floor” under the gold market around $1050, which approximates the price at which it bought 200 tonnes of gold from the IMF.  The thinking is that other central banks,

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The 6 Ways to Own Gold and Silver – Personally Holding Physical Metals

By John Fisher If you take physical delivery of your gold and silver, you have the least risk of loss due to counter-party exposure (where you are depending on someone else to perform).  It is a good idea to have at least some of your holdings in

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The 6 Ways to Own Gold and Silver – Owning and Storing Physical Precious Metals in Depositories

By John Fisher Few individuals would argue that the safest way to make sure you have good title to physical precious metals is to buy the actual coins and bars.  A bank may be able to provide more secure storage than metals held in your physical possession.

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