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FIAT – Fix It Again Today

Gold’s most important use is as insurance against the paper (fiat) currency of the country you live in, in our case the United States. Fiat in Latin means “by arbitrary order or decree” (Source: The American Heritage Dictionary, 1983).  Thus, our currency exists by decree only –

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Homeowners, Auto & Gold Insurance

By:  John Fisher Do you own a home?  Do you have homeowners insurance?  People would consider you foolish if you didn’t.  You hope you will never need to use your homeowners insurance for a burglary, hurricane, fire or other loss.  But, if you do need to use

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What it Means to Own Gold

By Jeremy Adams –  August 5, 2010 During the past month the price of gold has been on quite a roller-coaster, at one point dropping some 50 points in only a couple of days.  Media outlets, financial bloggers, and market bulls alike began screaming from the rooftops

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1099’s, Gold & Healthcare

By:  John Fisher Paperwork surprise!  Paperwork nightmare! Buried in the massive 2,409-page health care law, lies an all but overlooked provision.  Section 9006 to be precise, stipulates that beginning in 2012, ALL businesses will have to issue 1099 tax forms to any individual or corporation from which

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