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Monthly archive for September 2010

Next Stop – $50 Silver

(The Battle for $21 Silver is over!) Content by:   James Turk and John Fisher, Chart by James Turk The battle for $21 silver is over – it has breached its highest price in 30-years. Those who were short silver are covering their losses.  Those who are long

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Gold is the Final Refuge Against Universal Currency Debasement

By:   Ambrose Evans-Pritchard States accounting for two-thirds of the global economy are either holding down their exchange rates by direct intervention or steering currencies lower in an attempt to shift problems on to somebody else, each with their own plausible justification. Nothing like this has been

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Tax Consequences of Selling Gold, Silver and ETF’s

By:  Jeff Clark There’s lots of conflicting and inaccurate tax information surrounding this subject.  So, what’s the real skinny on the current tax rules for selling precious metals & ETF’s in the U.S. The IRS considers gold a “collectible” and will tax your realized capital gains at

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83 Analysts Believe Gold Will Go Parabolic To Between $2,500 and $15,000!; By: Lorimer Wilson –  September 19, 2010 Believe it or not but I have identified 83 economists, academics, gold analysts and market commentators who have developed sound rationale as to why gold could quite possibly go to a parabolic top of at least $2,500 an ounce

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$20 Silver in the Rearview Mirror

By:  John Fisher On September 1st, 2009, I posted an article entitled “$1,000 Gold in the Rearview Mirror.”  Now it’s time for silver. Silver has closed three consecutive days over $20 per ounce.  Three consecutive closes are viewed as a definitive piercing of a major support/resistance level. 

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The Gig is Up! Is JP Morgan’s Silver Manipulation Over?

September 9, 2010 By:  The National Inflation Association The big news in the financial mainstream media during the past week has been JP Morgan’s announcement that they will be closing their proprietary trading desks. JP Morgan is in the process of winding down their proprietary trading operations

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Gold Bubble – Fact or Fiction?

Every day I find myself in conversations debating whether gold’s price is too high.  There are a myriad of avenues by which one might address this question.  Here is another perspective, courtesy of So, using the Nasdaq as a guide, we see again that gold is

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Silver Continues to Knock Its Head on $20

As I’m sure you have noticed, silver has been “hitting” it’s head on $20 for the last couple of days.  This is reminiscent of when gold kept bonking its noggin’ on $1,000.  Look at the following chart, and note the price points as noted by the red

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