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Monthly archive for October 2010

Investor Mistakes in a Metals Bull Market

By: John Fisher – Additional Content from Franklin Sanders My friend Franklin summarized the issue of investor mistakes in a bull market quite well:  “Over the years I have watched investors make mistakes. Two of the biggest mistakes arise from not understanding what a bull market (primary

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Gold Mania? Not Quite.

By: Brett Arends, Wall Street Journal The conventional wisdom on Wall Street is that the gold bubble is about to pop. After all, people will tell you, the little guy is now totally on this bandwagon. Ordinary Mom and Pop investors from Bakersfield to Boston have dumped

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The Potential Downside of Investing in Gold

By:  Marek Kuchta A look at the past 177 years of the gold price reveals that unexpected write-offs are non-events—gold could be the safest investment out there. Investing into anything is usually preceded by the thought: what is there to win and what is there to lose?

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Gold – Get lt While You Can

By:  Jeff Clark, October 9, 2010 We’ve got it easy right now. Click or call, and you can quickly and conveniently own a gold coin or bar. But if global concerns cause another panic or the dollar breaks down, you could find yourself standing in a line

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Going for Gold: Stampede of the Super Rich is Under Way

By:  Glenda Kwek, October 7, 2010 A stampede of the super rich is under way as they snap up gold to secure their wealth as the economies of the world wobble. “The most we’ve sold in the last couple of weeks for a customer’s own vault was

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Gold Rises to Record on Investor Demand for Currency Alternative

By:  Pham-Duy Nguyen and Nicolas Larkin – Bloomberg News, Oct. 5, 2010 Gold futures jumped to a record $1,342.60 an ounce as the dollar sagged, boosting demand for precious metals as alternative assets. Silver advanced to a 30- year high. The greenback fell to the lowest level

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