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Monthly archive for November 2010

$53,957 in Circulation for Every Ounce of Gold

By: Data from Mark Lundeen with commentary by James Turk King World News obtained written permission from Mark J. Lundeen to share this incredible table he put together utilizing information he gathered from Barron’s.  James Turk added the actual number using M3 and it was shocking.  This

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Investing in Natural Resources Will Enable You to Prosper During the Coming Economic Storm

By: Arnold Bock Investing in natural resources (i.e. energy, agriculture and minerals – and especially gold and/or silver) is virtually guaranteed to be the most investor-friendly sector. So says Arnold Bock ( in an article* which Lorimer Wilson, editor of, has reformatted below for the sake

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Gold: A Bursting Bubble or Just a Big Blip in the Bullion Bull Run?

Gold price correction? Back up the gold truck! Are the recent declines in the price of gold and silver signs of the bursting of the bubble… or just a blip in the ongoing bullion bull run? The odds are probably on the latter. [Let me tell you why.]

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Shine On!

By: James Turk on November 14th Silver’s short-term uptrend remains intact, notwithstanding silver’s big price drop on Friday.  The fundamental factors driving silver higher have not changed.  The outlook for silver remains very bullish. There has been no damage to silver’s technical condition.  For example, silver is

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I promise this is the last time – REALLY!

By:  John Fisher The Federal Reserve and Ben “Helicopter” Bernanke (now his nickname makes real sense) have launched another massive round of Quantitative Easing (aka money printing), being referred to as ‘QE2’. Between $600B – $800B worth depending on who you ask. QE1 was supposedly a single,

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What is Your Perspective?

By:   John Fisher Yesterday we saw a massive move to the upside for both gold and silver.  Now why would that be?  The Republicans for all practical purposes are back in power.  Doesn’t that mean more fiscal prudence in the future putting a damper on metals

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