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Monthly archive for February 2011

What to Expect in the Next Five Weeks

By: Patrick Heller,  with commentary by John Fisher 2/23/2011 There are so many reasons why gold and silver, especially silver, are set to continue rising in price.  Here are some of the more notable ones: · JPMorgan Chase just announced that it is willing to accept physical

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Now What Should I Do?

By:  John Fisher As I am writing this at 2:00pm Eastern, gold is up $17.50 to $1,407.60, a rise of 1.26%.  Silver is up $1.25 at $33.93, a rise of 3.83%. Note:  The U.S. and many other markets are closed, although electronic global markets are open as

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J.P. Morgan Will Accept Gold as Type of Collateral

By: Carolyn Cui and Rhiannon Hoyle, 2/8/2011 Provided by: The Wall Street Journal Gold hasn’t reinvented itself as a currency yet. But it is getting closer. J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM – News) said it will allow clients to use the metal as collateral in

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What Not To Do – Losing Focus on Why You Bought

By:  John Fisher It is easy to lose sight of what motivated us to get into the precious metals market in the first place. Each and every day we are bombarded by newspapers, newsletters, magazines, television, the internet, co-workers, friends, family and a myriad of others –

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Gold Will Reach Unbelievable Price and Silver Will Outperform Gold – Jim Rogers

By:  Jim Rogers, February 2, 2011 Hopes of economic recovery swept stocks higher in New York yesterday and this confidence spread to Asian equity markets. European stocks are tentatively higher as concerns about Egypt and geopolitical risk may be hampering gains. Oil prices remain near recent record

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Don’t Take Your Eye Off the Ball – Part 2

By:  Alex Stanczyk, with commentary by John Fisher A couple of days ago we reviewed a graph depicting a classic bull market, including a “Bear Trap” that will cause many gold and silver investors to give up their positions. Click here to see yesterdays article:  “Don’t Take

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Don’t Take Your Eye Off the Ball – Part 1

By:  Alex Stanczyk, with commentary by John Fisher Keep your eyes on the fundamentals!  Tune out all the noise.  Too many individuals who hold gold and silver as insurance will be scared out of their positions before we reach the top.  Don’t let yourself be one of

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