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Monthly archive for March 2011

Buyer Beware! Precious Metals Scams Will Continue to Increase

Sun-Sentinel/Tribune Writer: Jon Burstein Tarnished Dreams Little regulation, lots of risk can leave some gold investors on shaky ground. More than 45 firms have opened in Broward and Palm Beach counties since 2007 offering gold investment opportunities. At least 23 South Florida precious metals firms are being

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Fisher Precious Metals is Listed with the World Gold Council

By:  John Fisher Who is the World Gold Council you might ask, and what is the value of their organization?  Quite simply, the World Gold Council is the market development organization for the gold industry. Working within the investment, jewelry and technology sectors, as well as engaging

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The Kiss of Death in Precious Metals Investing

By:  John Fisher The most important lesson I have learned… There is one aspect of the physical gold and silver market that I have witnessed over and over and over again, more than any other.  It is applicable to potential customers, and often times existing clients.  They

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Gold is Too High to Buy – Silver is Too Expensive!

By:  John Fisher Why would I make such a statement? Please consider for a minute – haven’t the metals always “seemed” too expensive?  In the moment, it is usually a definite “yes”.  In hindsight however, the answer is no.   I remember when silver reached $8 from

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Silver Will Rise to $50 on Demand, Supply Drop, Hightower Says

By:  Jeff Wilson Silver prices will rise to $50 an ounce before the end of this year on increased global demand and declining inventories of the metal, said David Hightower, president of the Hightower Report in Chicago. Record gold prices will shift consumer demand to jewelry made

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CNBC’s Cramer: Gold to $1,500 in Near Term

“The rally in the price of gold is far from over,” “Mad Money” host says… “One more time: You must own some gold,” says CNBC’s Jim Cramer on a March 1st “Mad Money” broadcast. “Just get some exposure. I’ve been saying this for five years: The rally in

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The Short Squeeze in Silver

By:  Gold Money, commentary by John Fisher In the last week of February the price of silver broke its 30-year top. The white bullion market is tight, and the short squeeze in the futures market is exerting a constant upward pressure on the price. If current trends

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Financial Times: The U.S. Dollar’s Safe-Haven Status Hangs in the Balance

By:  The Financial Times, commentary by John Fisher; March 1, 2011 “Even for long-term dollar bears like ourselves, this is a worry,” Standard Bank executive says. Long seen as a place of safety in times of turmoil, the dollar may be losing its haven appeal. Soaring oil

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