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Monthly archive for May 2011

What Should I Buy Today?

By:  John Fisher Is the price going to rise or fall?  Should I wait and not risk it?  What should I do? Bottom line  – continue to build your holdings.  Whether the price moves up or down from here, and whether it does so sooner or later,

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$180,000 in Debt for Every American

By:  Stansberry Research “…the size of our banking system has exploded. By 1990, the total debt-to-GDP ratio in the U.S. had grown substantially to 2.6 times GDP. It reached 3.6 times by 2007 – even before the financial crisis. Today, total debt in the United States stands

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Central Banks – Watch What They Do, Not What They Say

By:  Alex Stanczyk Mexico, Russia, Thailand Add $6 Billion of Gold to Reserves, IMF Data Show As western nation debt continues to escalate, this trend of Central Bank buying will likely continue, because gold is indeed money. Gold is not in a bubble, fiat currencies and sovereign

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Why the Silver Market Tanked – 10 Short and Concise Reasons

By:  John Fisher 1.     The price run up was driven by paper silver, not physical metal.  Physical metal investment is a very small fraction of the silver market that is dominated by ETF’s, futures, options and other derivatives. 2.       Investors thought they could make a killing by

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Mexico Central Bank Buys Almost 100 Tonnes of Gold

By:  James O’Dell Los Angeles, CA. –  Gold and Silver bullion prices are continuing to pullback and consolidate this Wednesday morning as precious metals remain under pressure after a strong rally last month and a report out today that George Soros has reduced his ETF holdings.  David

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Metals Market Update – Where Are We Headed?

By:  John Fisher  – May 4, 2011 As I write this silver is down from essentially $50 to $40, a 20% decline.  Gold is down approximately $30 for a 2% decline. What’s causing this and why? Silver and gold are not acting in unison, a new paradigm. 

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