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Monthly archive for July 2011

A Must See Picture!

A Must See Picture! By:  John Fisher  One of gold’s primary roles is to keep Central Bankers honest.  If you think about it, gold (and by extension silver) is one of the only assets that does not have a corresponding liability.  Gold is beholden to no one,

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Gold Hits New High as US Debt Default Fears Grow

The Australian, July 26, 2011 GOLD hit a new record of $US1624.07 an ounce today as concerns grew over stalled negotiations on raising the US debt ceiling. The yellow metal, which investors consider a safer bet during uncertain times when other assets are expected to fall in

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China: US Must Get Debt Under Control

A recent CNN Money article reports that China has advised the U.S. to get its debt crisis under control.  China is the world’s up-and-coming superpower, propelled forward by stratospheric growth, advancing industry, and  a goal-oriented political system.  They are also the top international investor in U.S. treasuries.  

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Scrutinize Gold and Silver Dealers

By:  John Fisher Who to buy from?  What to pay?  Ask the U.S. Mint!  Over the weekend the Tribune Media Services ran a syndicated column reviewing a limited number of coin dealers (click here to read the article).  The article points out that physical coin buyers can

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Ron Paul and Ben Bernanke: Is Gold Money?

Ron Paul and Ben Bernanke: Is Gold Money? July 13, 2011 Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul questions Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke  on “Is Gold Money?” in a U.S. House Financial Services Committee Meeting shortly after reports surfaced that the Federal Reserve was preparing for a

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Why Buy Silver Today – Part 2

By:  John Fisher Should I buy silver now?  If so, what form of silver should I buy? Fundamentally, that depends on whether you own silver now.  And if so, what percentage of your total net worth is comprised of silver. There is no one right answer.  It

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Why Buy Silver Today – Part 1

By:  John Fisher In the past year silver has essentially doubled.  Currently it is on a price pull back.  This is an excellent opportunity to buy silver at 30% off of its recent peak. What fundamentals still exist?   Essentially three: 1.  Investment demand. Demand continues to increase. 

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