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Monthly archive for November 2011

AAA Ratings Threatened – Negative Outlooks Abound

By:  John Fisher Despite the fact that the news has been peppered with commentary on downgrading of sovereign debt in Europe and the U.S. by several credit agencies and major bankruptcy filings (MF Global, AMR Corp) in the US, gold and silver have remained largely unaffected (gold

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Can Gold Save the Eurozone?

By Catherine Tymkiw @CNNMoneyMarketsNovember 23, 2011: 9:17 AM ET NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — With no end to the eurozone debt crisis in sight, there has also been no end to the stream of possible solutions. The latest involves using gold as collateral. With eurozone central banks holding

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Two Ways to View Gold – Right and Wrong

By: Nick Barisheff There are two ways of looking at gold.  The first is the Western way, viewing gold through the lens of fiat currency training.  This view sees gold as a wealth-gaining asset that can be traded like any other asset class or commodity for currency

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