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Monthly archive for January 2012

Metals Up, DOW Up, Treasury to Begin Printing More Money!

By: John Fisher   Bernanke and the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) announced yesterday that they would keep interest rates low until “at least late 2014” and that the committee “expects to maintain a highly accommodative stance for monetary policy.” Accommodative means they will accommodate any blip

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Gold and the Recent Correction

By: John Fisher  I found these charts from Casey Research that shed some light on the future direction of the market. From Casey Research, “If you’re bullish about the long term for gold and silver, it’s mouthwatering to watch them undergo a major correction after taking earlier

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Gold Firm Owner Sentenced in $29.5 Million Ponzi Scheme

By: Jon Burstein, Sun Sentinel The founder of a Lake Worth-based precious metals firm that was a front for a $29.5 million fraud was sentenced in late November to more than 12 years in prison. Jamie Campany, the owner of the grandiose-sounding Global Bullion Exchange, took money from

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Current Market Update

By: John Fisher  Here is an overview of the current and significant action in the market: Euro is falling fast and hard 1.30 to below 1.285 in just this week so far.  Why?  A combination of the following: The Greek Prime Minister has hinted at the possibility

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WARNING: Gold Buying Rip-offs – Borrow to Buy

I continue to receive calls from investors who has fallen victim to one of the hot gold buying telemarketing pitches. The basic pitch – “You put up a little money, we’ll borrow you the rest.”  These telemarketing firms promise that if you will give them a modest

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2012 Gold Averages: Goldman $1,810/oz, Barclays $2,000/oz and UBS $2,050/oz

By: GoldCore Central banks are also almost certainly buying gold at these levels as they have been doing in recent months on corrections. Absolutely nothing has changed regarding the fundamentals driving the gold bull market despite this most recent sell off. Indeed, the sell off was expected

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