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Monthly archive for April 2012

History Says Silver Could Become the Next 10-Bagger Investment! Here’s Why…

If you concur with the 159 analysts (see below) that maintain that physical gold is going to go parabolic in price in the next few years to $3,000, $5,000 or even $10,000 or more then you should seriously consider buying physical silver. Why? Because the historical gold:silver ratio is

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Goldrunner Fractal Analysis: 2012 Silver to $70++

Around this point in the fractal cycle in the late 70’s, Gold busted out of its channel to rise sharply higher, along with Silver. Silver’s channel top will lie up around $68 to $70 over the coming months which we believe will be reached in 2012. The

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Goldman Sachs: Near-Term ‘Neutral’ On Commodities; Favors Gold, WTI

Wednesday April 25, 2012 9:09 AM Goldman Sachs says it maintains its near-term “neutral” recommendation on commodities as downside risks remain high. “In particular, renewed European sovereign-debt concerns on top of a modest slowing in U.S. growth leave us cautious, despite signs that China is beginning to

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Beware of the Doldrums

By:  John Fisher   Demand for gold and silver both, both domestic and international, continues to show modest volume.  The US Mint has published sales figures illustrating that the sales of both Gold and Silver Eagles in comparison to last year are lower – the first time since

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Gold Still a Long Term Hedge and Less Volatile than Equities – WGC

Gold was one of the few asset classes to deliver positive returns last year, and its price appreciation was generally higher in currencies other than the US dollar, the World Gold Council notes in its report on Q4 investment statistics and commentary yesterday. The World Gold Council

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New Analysis Suggests Gold Going to $3,495 in 2013, $6,233 in 2014 and Peaking at $31,672 in 2015!

Nick Laird has put together an Elliott Wave theory prediction using ‘The Golden Mean’ & ‘Fibonacci Sequences’ to arrive at future prices for gold…which he is hopeful will serve as ‘a roadmap which gold may take as it climbs to new highs‘. See the chart below.  So

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It’s Not Too Late to Add Gold and Silver to Your IRA or Roth

By:  John Fisher The April 17th IRA contribution deadline is rapidly approaching. It is not too late to invest a portion of your Traditional or ROTH IRA and certain 401-k’s in real gold and silver.  The Precious Metals IRA allows you to put securely stored physical metals

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