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Monthly archive for June 2012

Win a NEW 2012 American Silver Eagle!

By:  John Fisher It is as simple as a quick “Like” on our Facebook page and you are registered to win 1 of 5 new American Silver Eagle 1 ounce coins!   Click here to enter to win! Continue to check back on our Facebook page for

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Rob McEwen Predicts that Gold Will Hit $5,000 and Silver $200

By:  John Fisher The founder of Goldcorp and CEO of McEwen Mining Inc, Rob McEwen, recently stated on Bloomberg news that he was offering up a fresh precious metals price forecast. He joins the crowd of preeminent voices in the precious metals sector foreseeing significant price appreciation

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Gold Trades Off – Oil Implodes – Stocks a Protected Class – We’re Slaves to Central Banks

By:  John Fisher The title gives you an overview in a nutshell.  Operation Twist in full force.  QE3 will come.   Gold and silver are on sale.  You can buy on sale or wait and pay full price.  Your choice. Watch CNBC’s video on our slavery to

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Deflation, Inflation, Twist & Shout!

By:  John Fisher The gold and silver prices have fallen off the cliff.  The reason?  ‘Operation Twist’ has roused deflation fears.  But what is deflation really?  Is it simply falling prices?  Commentators cite falling housing prices, declining energy prices, weak consumer demand and numerous reasons.  Here’s how

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The Ratio is Your Friend

By:  John Fisher For the past 14 years I have traded the gold:silver ratio.  I learned this strategy from a man in the industry who has been deploying the technique for over 30 years. The strategy?  Simple.  Exchange silver for gold when silver is “expensive”.  Exchange gold

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“If You Can’t Hold It, You Don’t Own It” Revisited

By:  John Fisher Back on April 8th, 2011, I wrote a short article on the same topic of leveraged gold and silver (You Don’t Own It).  Buying gold and silver on borrowed money continues to flourish, despite attempts by a myriad of government initiatives and organizations including Dodd-Frank legislation,

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By:  John Fisher If you swapped your silver for gold within the last 18 months, you have been rewarded with a 15 to 20% increase in your metals with no out of pocket cost.  I am announcing that we are now officially swapping back from gold into

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