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Monthly archive for July 2012

Silver Breakout Imminent – But Which Way?

By:  John Fisher Silver is setting up for a breakout very soon.  In the graph below, we have a ‘declining wedge’ formation – typically very bullish.  Silver will eventually penetrate the support (lower) or resistance (upper) red lines.  It has to and it will.  The formation supports

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Can We Find More Gold?

By:  John Fisher Gold prices are slated to go higher, much higher.  One of the many reasons is the fact that we are not replacing the gold reserves that we are depleting.  As a result, there is less gold per capita being mined.  And the population continues

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Central Banks on Buying Spree

By:  John Fisher Central banks are buying more gold than any year since 1964. Why do central banks buy gold?  Because they know that gold is the only protection for their reserve deposits against the relentless printing of all world currencies, including their own. Now, specifically the

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Gold and the Wedge

By:  John Fisher Gold looks set to yet again take on the lower boundary of resistance just above 1520.  It would be good at this point to break 1600 -1620 – 1640. This will then cement in place the prior low on May 17th and more definitively

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My #1 Biggest Mistake

By:  John Fisher The one mistake, that I have made more than once, was being hesitant to buy when the market was down.  Take for instance in 2008 when silver fell from essentially $20 to $9 (see chart below).  Candidly, I was eager to buy at $20

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Gold and Silver Prices – Tug of War

By:  John Fisher The metals have been trading on light volume since last week.  The big news and price spikes from last Thursday and Friday as a result of non-farm payroll, unemployment and job creation reports is already old news.   The payroll number was weak.  Only

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