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Is This Why Gold Dumped And Stocks Pumped Yesterday?

Is This Why Gold Dumped And Stocks Pumped Yesterday? By:  ZeroHedge – Tyler Durden In the pre-market yesterday morning, Gold had outperformed the S&P 500 by over 200bps for the month. By the close yesterday (month-end settlement T-3) – given how synchronized gold and stocks have become – Gold and

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Gold Just Crashed 2.25 Percent – Why?

Gold Just Crashed 2.25 Percent – Why? Quite simple – 24 tonnes of gold futures were just sold:   As gold futures saw a huge volume rush: All Things Considered – John’s Commentary: Action to take:  Don’t overreact.  Stay the course.  Buy more now if you have the

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The Need for an Intellectual Awakening

The Need For An Intellectual Awakening By:  Ron Paul Following is Ron Paul’s Congressional Farewell speech.  Once again, he eloquently recaps the state of our nation and how we managed to land in the place we find ourselves in.  It is well worth spending the time to

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Best Buys in Bullion

Best Buys In Bullion As promised in my article entitled “Bread and Butter”, I will share with you what I consider to currently be the best buys in gold and silver bullion, and why. Firstly, all items must enjoy our two prerequisites, low premium and high liquidity.  You want the best of

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Bread and Butter

Bread and Butter Clients and prospects ask, “How can I get the most gold and silver for my money?”  Almost invariably I suggest “sticking to the bread and butter”. So, what do I mean by bread and butter?   Two things:    Premium Liquidity    PREMIUM (link –

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