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Monthly archive for December 2012

Gold & Silver Price Drop – Who’s Buying and Who’s Selling?

Gold & Silver price drop! Here is exactly what’s going on.  Investors holding physical metal are buying.  Period.  None are selling unless they need to raise cash.  Other dealers report the same.  The Authorized Purchasers for the US, Canadian and other world mints report the same.  Buyers

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Buy Silver Now – Here’s Why

Buy Silver now – here’s why. As I write, the silver price is at $30.22 per ounce.  Silver is an great buy right now.  Let me show you why: Silver has plunged below its 20/50/150/200 day moving averages. The gold/silver ratio (the amount of silver it takes

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Inflation – Here’s the Proof

Inflation – Here’s The Proof: No More Pennies Or Nickels Next Year in the U.S.A. “Mr. Geithner has been busy lately.  Amongst his many other pressing tasks, he took the time to announce that the U.S. Mint will be removing the penny and nickel from circulation in

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Gold’s Trend

Gold’s Trend The continued downward pressure on gold is being driven by futures contracts (paper gold.)  Because gold futures volume outweighs actual physical transactions their influence is over-weighted.  The central banks are still buying and the gold-backed ETFs are continuing to increase their physical holdings on a daily

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