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Monthly archive for February 2013

Paper On, Paper Off – Gold On, Gold Off

By:  John Fisher   The stock market is soaring.  The gold (and silver) market is tanking.  Why? It is part irrational exuberance and part paper intoxication.First, the Dow Jones industrial average rose 175.24 points, or 1.2 percent yesterday, February 27th, to 14,075.37. The index is only 89

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Gold: Big Decline Equals Big Opportunity!

“When people get scared, I get greedy….” – Warren Buffet By:  John Fisher   Spot gold is down $27.50 at $1,608 having lost $58.8 or 3.4 percent this week. Gold has fallen to its lowest since August 22 at $1,625.70.  Why?  Among other reasons:  George Soros and others have

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Will the Silver Price Remain Soft?

By:  John Fisher   One of my clients recently posed the following question: “What is your professional outlook for the next 12-18 months for silver? Will prices remain soft for some time and will the debt ceiling coming up cause more concern for inflation pushing further flows

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