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Monthly archive for April 2013

What is Happening?

By: John Fisher Physical demand for gold, and especially silver is VERY strong.  Silver deliveries are delayed for a minimum of 4 weeks and as much as 8 weeks or longer.  Premiums on physical silver are up substantially as the physical demand for silver far outpaces supply.  There are

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Gold is a Buy Today!

By:  John Fisher Gold prices have fallen to multi-year support levels.  See the graph below: In addition, we have an amazing sale on pristine mint-condition 1/4 oz. US Gold Eagles.  Click here for details on the sale!   If you have been waiting to buy, this is it!  All Things

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SOLD OUT! Sale on Quarter Oz. U.S. Gold Eagles

SOLD OUT!  Sale ends at 5:00 pm EST Friday, April 12th, 2013 We have a large quantity of ¼ oz. U.S. Gold Eagles.  They are all NEW, uncirculated coins that have never left the original Mint tubes.  Dates vary. These coins sell for 11% over the spot

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Acquire More Metals at No Additional Cost – Really!

By:  John Fisher One of the best techniques I have employed over the past 18 years is swapping gold for silver and silver for gold when the ratio between the two favored one over another.  It is that time again.  The Gold/Silver Ratio is almost at 58:1 as

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