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Monthly archive for January 2015

Franc Down, Gold Up!

A shocking move from the Swiss National Bank reignited markets fears and caused investors to flock to gold as a safe haven.  Switzerland’s central bank abandoned its long-standing floor against the euro which spurred colossal intraday moves for currencies. The Swiss National Bank (SNB) also cut its

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Time to Swap Your Gold for Silver!

Crude oil is approaching six year lows, the US Dollar is stronger. Under normal circumstances, this would mean the precious metals would be trading lower.  All four traded higher today. Gold is breaking out to the upside and hit twelve week highs today.  Since breaking through a

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Year End Metals Performance

Here is the year end performance for the year. The first number is the close on December 31, 2013, second number is the close on December 31, 2014, and the third number is percentage change. DOW:  16,539.58 vs. 17,823.07, up 7.8% S&P 500:, 1,844.72 vs. 2,058.9, up 11.6%

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