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Monthly archive for May 2010

A Billionaire Goes All-In on Gold

Gold is setting records again, boosting the holdings of central banks, Armageddon worrywarts, and ordinary people who own gold bars, coins and jewelry. But few individuals stand to benefit as much as low-profile billionaire Thomas Kaplan. A New York-born commodities magnate who earned a doctorate in British

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Where is Gold Headed Now?

By John Fisher Monday, May 24, 2010 The chart might look messy, but it is pretty straightforward.  As my wife always requests, “The bottom line analysis please?” Summary of the Chart: Gold in US dollars closed moderately higher yesterday, coming off recent lows for the short-term mid-May

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Why More Investors Like Gold

By Frank Holmes, CEO and Chief Investment Officer at U.S. Global Investors May 17, 2010 Gold is charging up to new highs, so it’s no surprise that the level of interest in this financial asset is charging up as well. Last week I did interviews with CNN,

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Gold Tests Record Highs – Euro and Dollar Rally Euphoria Fades

Source:  Seeking Alpha-  May 11, 2010 Gold: Gold has recovered from the slight sell off seen Monday and stayed above $1,200/oz in Asian trading overnight before rallying in early European trading (now trading at $1223 at 10:15 Eastern) The initial euphoria that saw stocks and the euro

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Confidence in the Midst of the Dow’s Volatility

By: John Fisher – Supporting material from Alex Stanczyk of Anglo Far East A few thoughts on what’s happening in the markets these last couple of days… The world markets went berserk with riots in Greece as their bond markets disintegrate. Yet if you hold gold and

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Why do Business with Fisher Precious Metals?

By: John Fisher 1. Trust – You must know with whom you are dealing.  In order to experience the peace of mind that you purchased the items appropriate for your unique needs, that the items are authentic, at a fair price, and from someone who will be

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Buying Basics – How to Buy Wisely and Safely

By John Fisher Investors buy gold to use as a hedge against economic and financial crisis, either of which would lead to the devaluation of paper currency.  Others buy hoping to turn a profit. Which reason will be the main factor that will influence your decision as

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