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Here is our collection of United States Pre-1933 gold coins. The very first Gold coins were first minted by the United States Mint in 1795. In 1933, during the Great Depression, President Franklin Roosevelt ordered U.S. citizens to return their Gold coins to the U.S. Treasury to be melted. This was a result of Roosevelt’s prohibition of American citizens holding monetary gold.

Due to the recall and melting of the Gold coins minted prior to 1933, these coins that were once common and in abundant supply, are now limited in availability. Only the Gold coins that escaped the recall are available today. Their classic vintage and rarity makes them appealing to collectors nationwide.

Important Note: While Pre-1933 coinage is limited in supply, offering some additional value in their rarity, they are often touted as “non-confiscatable” by precious metals telemarketers and marked up in price inappropriately. Read our article Lies and Myths Told by Gold Dealers to equip yourself to avoid these unethical sales tactics.

That said, if you are a collector seeking Pre-1933 Gold coins, we offer them at some of the lowest premiums available in the market.

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