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Pre-1933 Coins

Buy Pre-1933 Gold Coins

We offer a wide variety of Gold Coins minted before 1933, known as Pre-1933 coins. These pre-1933 gold coins are sought after by collectors to add value to their collections through their unique attributes and limited supply. These coins are limited in quantity due to the fact that the United States government, specifically President Franklin Roosevelt, ordered all U.S. Gold coins to be returned to the U.S. Treasury to be melted and then cast in to gold bars.

The initiative to call in gold by Roosevelt is also the basis for many dealers across the country trying to assure their clients that these Pre-1933 gold coins are “non-confiscatable”. This is what we call the “Confiscation Myth” used by dealers to increase their margin, as these coins have a higher profit margin than most bullion items.

There is a place amongst collectors for these beautiful U.S. Gold coins. Right now, many Pre-1933 US Gold coins are carrying lower premiums, very close to the premiums on standard bullion items. This is unusual, as US Gold has historically been sold at much higher premiums in the past.

For Pre-1933 coins, you will find our prices to be some of the most competitive in the industry.

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