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When it comes to buying and selling diamonds we are a nationwide leader. Helping our clients to profitably sell their diamonds as well as buy diamonds at below retail prices, we have earned a reputation for being the best source for diamond buying and selling.  As an established national bullion dealer, we have access to the worldwide inventory of GIA loose diamonds, investment grade diamonds, bullion jewelry and a full line of quality gold and silver jewelry. We aim to offer wholesale pricing in these categories to our clients, allowing them savings they would not otherwise find in the retail marketplace.  Don’t be afraid of buying and selling diamonds, we are here to educate and equip you to buy and sell wisely.

We have fulfilled the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) advanced diamond grading certification, resulting in our ability to not only price the diamond you are buying or selling, but to actually grade the diamond using the GIA grading standards. We also have access to the wholesale national inventory of investment grade diamonds, for the client seeking a hard asset investment in addition to their precious metals.

The diamonds we sell are all GIA certified diamonds, as they adhere to the strictest grading standards in the industry. Be wary of other diamond grading agency criteria, they will often grade a diamond as equivalent to a GIA stone, when in fact their grading standards are much looser and you end up with a notably inferior stone.

Finally, when it comes to jewelry, we have a 24 karat bullion bracelet available in 2 styles, and a full line of jewelry including settings, mounts, chains and otherwise through our wholesale jewelry portal. By buying a loose diamond and having it set by a local jeweler in the setting of your choice (ring, necklace, earring etc.) you are able to save significantly instead of buying through a jewelry store.


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