The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) is one of the largest international coin grading agencies in the world. Founded in 1987, NGC quickly established itself as a highly reputable independent third-party coin grading service. Based nearby in Sarasota, Florida, we not only inventory certified NGC coins, but also submit them for grading for our clients around the country.

Each NGC graded coin is encased in a plastic slab with the grade of the coin, a unique serial number and an NGC barcode on the insert at the top of the case. The barcode and serial number are utilized to help verify the coin’s grad with the NGC website.

Do not ever remove a certified NGC coin from its protective plastic slab, as this will decrease and diminish the value of the graded coin. If you are concerned about the authenticity of the metal content in a certified NGC coin that you own, we will test the coin for you right through the plastic case in order to authenticate the base metal.

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