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Collectors often seek to add certified gold coins and graded numismatic gold coins to their collections.  Please note that we said “collectors”, not bullion investors.  There is a place for quality graded Gold and Silver coins, also known as numismatic coins, but they should primarily be bought by precious metals collectors.

We offer both Certified Proof Gold Eagles and a full line of certified gold coins, also known as graded coins.

Proof gold coins are unique, in that they are struck on specially prepared planchets multiple times to provide a unique finish. It is this special mirror-like finish that appeals to collectors. Proof coins carry a higher premium due to their unique numismatic value. We carry the Certified Proof Gold Eagles minted by the United States Mint.

The two most reputable grading agencies in the country are the Numismatic Guaranty Corp. (NGC) and Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS). We only offer certified gold coins and certified silver coins that have been graded and authenticated by these grading services. These graded coins carry a higher value than just their gold content, due to their quality and condition. In addition to their condition, unique years and/or mints may provide additional value if extremely limited in supply.

These gold coins are available in a variety of different grades, as determined by the grading agencies. NGC provides both a letter and a number grade based on the condition of the coin. The letter grade can vary from the superior MS (Mint State) to the letter P (Poor Quality), with various grades in between. The numerical range is from 1 to 70, with 70 being absolutely superior and 1 being the poorest condition.

The PCGS grading scale is similar, as it uses the 1 to 70 numerical scale in addition to a 1-2 letter alpha initial that defines the coin’s condition. While slightly different in initial attributes, the NGC and PCGS scales have more or less the same meaning in the marketplace.

If you are a collector seeking to add various quality graded numismatic coins to your gold collection, look no further. We provide some of the most competitive pricing available on these graded gold coins.

Education Note:  Please understand that we are not selling common modern bullion items sold as “first-strike”, “early issue”, “first release”, Mint State 69, Mint State 70, Proof 69 and Proof 70. Those coins are simply brand new modern bullion coins like a Buffalo or Gold Eagle that a dealer has submitted to the grading agencies to attribute these empty “special characteristics” to these coins, to then charge you more for them.

The U.S. Mint has openly stated that “The United States Mint has not designated any coins or products as “first strikes” or “first releases,” nor do we track the order in which we mint coins during their production.” Simply buy a new modern bullion coin and submit it to the grading agency yourself if you truly desire to have the novelty of one of these “grades”.  A little tsk, tsk to the precious metals dealers that market these types of coins.

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