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Proof Gold Eagle coins are often “pushed” by gold dealers for one simple reason – higher profit margins. Most of the large telemarketing firms and television advertisers will use an ad for competitively priced American Gold Eagles (often fractional coins), and when you call they try to upsell you to Proof Gold Eagles with the pitch that they are collectible coins and will be excluded from government confiscation any time in the future (this pitch also applies to U.S. Pre-1933 gold coins.) So should you pay the extra premium for these promises? No.

Should you completely avoid buying Proof Gold Eagle coins? No. If you are collector that is seeking the beautiful glossy mint lustre and the distinct high relief on these coins, then check the premium and by all means buy. If you value their unique attributes as compared to the standard modern American Gold Eagle, then they can be a unique addition to your precious metals collection. You will find our premiums on Proof Gold Eagles to be some of the lowest in the industry.

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