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Bullion Authentication

Bullion Authentication Tools

Bullion Authentication is critical in today’s marketplace.  Finding a counterfeit gold or silver coin or bar in your stash is far more probable than one might think. As economic times have become more uncertain, buyers are increasing their precious metals purchases, and counterfeiters are looking to cash in on the increase in demand, as well as the increases in the spot prices.

Counterfeit coins (and bars) are “flooding the market at an astonishing rate,” and compromising the investments of collectors, according to the American Numismatic Association (ANA). And not only are these counterfeits increasing in number, but also in quality and appearance.

Fisher Precious Metals is committed to offering a 100% Authenticity Guarantee to all of our precious metals clients and diamond buyers. We offer Bullion Authentication services to our clients, testing any and all of your precious metal coins and bars.  If you purchased from a dealer or source you are concerned was questionable, take the time to let us authenticate your bullion and gain the peace of mind you need to make sure you own only authentic Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium bullion.

We also offer a number of counterfeit detection and bullion authentication devices for at home use.

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