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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Nothing means more to us than serving our clients well.  It is our whole purpose in what we do.  We are warmed to the tips of our toes when our clients take the time to write a review or provide a testimonial.   We know how busy life gets, therefore we appreciate the time taken. We would be honored if you will take a moment to tell other about your experience with our team:

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A. Slagle December 8, 2016

First Class operation!  They answered all of my questions and carried out my order expertly.

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Ryan Anderson December 8, 2016

I have been a client of Fisher Precious Metals since 2010 and I have always found them to be extremely knowledgable and full of integrity. Since developing a relationship with John, I have referred numerous close friends to him and I have always received positive feedback from those I refer. I cannot recommend the team at Fisher PM strongly enough.


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Larry DeVille December 8, 2016

For a professional, knowledgeable, positive experience with a precious metals dealer, you will be very pleased with John and Lynn Fisher at Fisher Precious Metals in Deerfield Beach, FL.

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Lonnie B. December 8, 2016

I love doing business with the common sense, down-to-earth, honest and reliable team at Fisher Precious Metals. Their knowledge and professionalism will take a back seat to no one and their prices always seem to be the most competitive in an extremely competitive business.


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D.P. Schnabs December 8, 2016

My family has trusted Fisher Precious Metals with all of our physical metal asset purchases.  In this field it is important to know you’re dealing with real materials and trustworthy people.  Fisher covers both of these bases completely.

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Anthony Ockunzzi December 8, 2016

Had a great experience today. All my questions about investing in physical precious metals were answered by John in an easy to understand way. I can’t wait to do more business with him in the near future. If you are thinking about doing anything great for your future, this is the place to visit or call. Very professional, knowledgable, and a great positive energy to work with. Diversify yourself today with the satisfying feeling of holding top quality precious metals. Thanks for your expertise!

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Melissa I. December 8, 2016

Can’t  say enough positive things about Mr. Fisher and his company. From start to finish they were helpful, informative and genuine. As a business owner myself who cares about customer service, we were nothing but impressed and thankful to have found Fisher Precious Metals.

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Ed Ward December 8, 2016

Fantastic dealer, knowledgeable, professional, and looks out for the best interests of their clients. I’d recommend Fisher Precious Metals to anyone looking for pleasant business in precious metals.

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David Cowmeadow December 8, 2016

It was a great pleasure doing business with John Fisher, he runs a wonderful business and GENUINELY CARES about his clients.  He really takes the time to get to know you.  Thanks for everything John.


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Kim Canavan December 8, 2016

The team at Fisher Precious Metals was absolutely marvelous.  They gave me a VERY fair price for my jewelry.  They absolutely exude trustworthiness.  Try Fisher Precious Metals first.

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Dr. Blaine E. December 8, 2016

The best one word description of my relationship with Fisher Precious Metals is TRUST.  Their small town Midwest background, true personal service and ability to listen, teach and personally answer the phone are qualities that will keep me as a lifetime client.


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