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Certified Silver Eagles

Buy Certified Silver Eagle Coins

The Silver Eagle is the number one selling official silver bullion coin of the United States Mint.  Having begun production in 1986, the Mint introduced a striking proof version for collectors.  Graded by the two most reputable grading agencies in the country, Numismatic Guaranty Corp. (NGC) and Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), these Certified Silver Eagles are graded based on five key factors:  surface, strike, preservation, luster, and eye appeal.  Mint State is the highest grade, verifying that the coin has 100% of the mint design and mint luster.  Ranging from 1 to 70 in grading scale, 70 is the highest numeric grade attainable.

What Deems the Certified Silver Eagles to be Valuable?

The graded American Silver Eagles are popular with collectors for a multitude of reasons:

  • The Silver Eagle coin has a rich historical past, reflecting America’s history within the coin.
  • The design is considered worldwide to be one of the most beautiful coin designs.
  • It is the modern day equivalent of the historic Silver Dollars, allowing collectors to acquire BU graded coins instead of circulated coins.

Collectors enjoy acquiring one Certified Silver Eagle from each year of production for their collections.  One of the most recognized and sought after collector coins, Certified Silver Eagles are a beautiful addition to any Silver coin collection.

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