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The Royal Canadian Mint produces some of the most beautiful and sought after Gold bullion bars. These Canadian Gold Bars range in size from 1 oz to 1 Kilogram, and are readily available in our inventory in all sizes. The most popular size is the 1 oz gold bar. Each gold bar is stamped with its exact fineness, gold weight and its unique serial number.

The premium (amount you pay over the spot price) on a gold bar decreases as the size of the bar gets larger. For example, a 10 oz bar has a much lower premium than a 1 oz bar. Investors tend to buy 1 oz and 10 oz gold bars due to the lower premiums, whereas preparedness minded individuals are willing to pay a bit more in premium for smaller gram bars for potential barter. The other benefit to smaller weight bars, is that if you have to sell a portion of your gold, you can do so easily without having to liquidate a larger size gold bar.

Gold bars from the Royal Canadian Mint offer high quality Gold at a lower premium than sovereign coins.

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