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What Makes Us Different – A Truly Different Gold and Silver Dealer

Every dealer wants you to believe that you should buy, sell and transact with them.  But here is why we are a truly different gold and silver dealer when comparing us to a national marketplace of hundreds of dealers:

Our Gold and Silver Philosophy

We are a national bullion firm for a reason.  At the end of the day, 95% of precious metals investors should buy low premium bullion coins and bars from reputable world mints and refiners – not collectible or graded coins.  We don’t overtly market numismatic coins because we genuinely believe that they are products that only a collector should be buying.  Many gold and silver dealers focus on rare, “antique” and numismatic coins because there is a significantly higher profit margin on these coins versus very small margins (1 – 4%) on bullion.  Do not let a dealer use the “gold confiscation” myth to steer you towards these coins. There are exceptions to avoid numismatics as a rule, and we have the experience to help you to determine if you fall in to the small percentage of buyers that should buy numismatic coins.

Accessibility and Transparency

Our President, John Fisher started buying precious metals in 1993.  He and his wife Lynn have seen virtually every scam, multiple marketing techniques to sell overpriced products, and multiple defunct firms that have defrauded buyers for tens of millions of dollars.  We have trained our team to educate our clients and insure that they never encounter anything but the opportunity to buy competitively priced, authentic bullion that is highly liquid.

We spend time advising our clients and helping them through both the buying and selling process.  Small or large purchases are always treated with the same level of service.  We will buy back anything you bought from us, or any other dealer, for fair and competitive prices.  Did you know that many online dealers display a Buy Back Price, and actually don’t buy back anything?

Finally, if you ever want to talk directly to the President of our firm, you will have a call within 48 hours, guaranteed.  You are welcome to call us to discuss any aspect of precious metals investing.  You will not be pressured to buy, in fact we will likely encourage you to think through what we discuss prior to placing an order.

Experienced Experts

Anyone can claim to be an expert in their field. We have the experience, credentials and criteria for our team to prove it. In addition to decades of precious metals industry experience:

  • Every member of our team is actually an owner of physical gold and silver– it is a requirement to work here.
  • Better yet, no one at our firm works on commission.That keeps our advice pure and simple, without compensation skewing how our team guides you.
  • In addition, some of us also have precious metals IRAs and use domestic and offshore storage facilities for our metals.
  • We have “walked a day in your shoes” when it comes to both buying and selling precious metals.

You will never have a call center experience with a representative that doesn’t have the genuine experience to provide you with the best advice based on your personal situation.  There is no “one solution fits all” in precious metals investing, and we work to identify what your circumstances are first, and then advise you accordingly.

Credentials Count

In business over a decade, we are also members of, or are credentialed by the following organizations:

  • American Numismatic Association
  • Numismatic Guarantee Corporation
  • Professional Coin Grading Service
  • Professional Numismatic Guild
  • International Society of Appraisers
  • Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
  • The Industry Council for Tangible Assets

And of course we are an A+ Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureauwith Zero Complaints.

Authentic Products

Counterfeits are on the rise, and the greatest culprit is China.  Selling gold and silver coin replications has become an ever increasing activity, and we consider it our duty to safeguard our clients.  All products are guaranteed under our 100% Authenticated Products Program.  This means we  authenticate every coin or bar that we buy and sell, ensuring customers safety in all of your precious metals purchases.  We also offer Authentication Services for precious metals that were purchased from dealers other than ourselves.

As part of our 100% Authentication service, we utilize state of the art digital technology for non-destructive testing of all gold, silver, platinum and palladium products that we sell.  Using the Sigma Metalytics Precious Metals Verifier, coupled with weight and dimension measurements, we are able to authenticate any major mint product in the market.  In addition, we are a Bullion DNA Dealer for the Royal Canadian Mint, their digital bullion authentication program for their Gold and Silver Maple Leaf coins minted in recent years.

Bullion Authentication

5 Star Client Ratings

At the end of the day, what our clients have to say is what matters most.  To this day, we have yet to find anything less than a 5 star review from any of our clients online.  All of our online reviews are authentic clients that have actually interacted with our team.  In addition, we maintain an A+ Accredited Better Business rating with ZERO complaints in the history of our business.

Here is an actual review of our firm by Bullion Directory: “Their levels of personal service, coupled with a well-deserved reputation for honesty and deep knowledge of the industry have led to a fiercely loyal client base.”


Privacy and Confidentiality

It is a common practice in the precious metals industry to implement two practices that we will NEVER engage in.  First, to pay a firm to solicit reviews from clients by providing the outside firm (and their call center representatives) with your private contact information in order to solicit a review from you.  This is done to allow them to aggregate hundreds of reviews, and it also allows them the ability to “scrub” (delete) their less than favorable reviews.

Secondly, many firms will accumulate client data and resell it for datalist revenue.  Never will we submit your personal contact information to any organization or individual.  Period.

Our team is available to answer any of your questions at (800) 390-8576.


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