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As the saying goes: “What once was old is new again.” Also known as “Constitutional Silver” or “Junk Silver”, 90 Percent Silver is a favorite of precious metal investors, collectors and preparedness minded individuals alike. Produced by the United States Mint prior to 1965, these half dollars, quarters and dimes were struck with 90% silver. These 90% silver coins are a reliable and trusted investment. They are self-authenticating (nearly impossible to counterfeit), come in a variety of denominations, and are viable for barter in the event of an economic collapse.

You can purchase 90% Silver in a variety of denominations that range from Mercury and Roosevelt Dimes to Washington Quarters to Morgan Silver Dollars. You can add these various coins to your cart in $1 face value increments, allowing you complete flexibility in the total face value denomination that your purchase.

Add a mixture of 90% silver coins to your precious metal portfolio, for an investment or “just in case”.


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