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Platinum has always run third in sales volume in the precious metals race, but platinum is gaining alot of attention in the last year, as the spot price has dropped below that of gold.

Platinum is not just sought after for jewelry.  Platinum bullion is a precious metal that is bought by investors worldwide. Platinum is available in both coins and bars from major world mints.

Unique right now, is that the platinum spot price is currently less than gold on a per ounce basis.Clients are buying platinum coins and bars in increasing quantity, knowing that there is price upside, in addition to the metal offering the same advantages as gold and silver.

Platinum is most often sold in 1 oz coin or bar form, with a more limited product variety available to the investor. Our favorite product is the Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf, with the Platinum American Eagle running a close second. We have personally added platinum to our personal precious metals holdings in the last year and we think it is worth you taking a look at it as an additional precious metal for diversification.


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