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Monthly archive for June 2010

Don’t Let It Phase You!

By John Fisher The THREE PHASES of this Metals Market: This precious metals market is still in its early stages. Now, we must be patient and realistic in our time frame.  Our returns will come soon enough, and our efforts will be rewarded. Don’t fall for the

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Harry Schultz – Asset Allocation Recommendations

By Peter Brimelow, Wall Street Journal Market Watch – June 10, 2010 Harry Schultz’ International Harry Schultz Letter was one of 2009’s top 10 performers because it ran with the rally. And I named it Letter of the Year for 2008 because it undeniably did predict the

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If They Don’t Own Gold, Don’t Trust Their Opinion on Gold

If They Don’t Own Gold, Don’t Trust Their Opinion on Gold By Taipan Publishing As an asset class, gold stirs the passions. Some folks love it, and others despise it. Be wary of those who will never own gold. Gold has again broken out to fresh all-time

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A Signal from the Stock Market

By James Turk The stock market is often acclaimed for its forecasting ability.  Stock prices peak long before the downturn in economic activity that generally results in a recession and a prolonged decline in the stock market.  Then after this lull in the economy, the bear market

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Civil and Criminal Probes Launched Against JP Morgan Chase for Silver Market Manipulation

By:   Michael Gray of the NY Post Yes, it is really happening. After years and years and years of market manipulation, JPMorgan is about to realize there is only so far you can push your luck against the criminal envelope. Federal agents have launched parallel criminal

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Poor Man’s Gold

By:  Eric Roseman – Investment Director for The Sovereign Society Universally regarded as “poor man’s gold,” silver is at the cusp of a major secular rally that will outpace gold prices as the next leg of the bull market takes hold in 2010-2011. Adjusted for inflation since

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Gold Poised to Challenge New Highs

By:  John Fisher – Chart from James Turk Numerous records continue to be broken by gold, including some longstanding ones that go back to the January 1980 peak.  Gold closed the month of May at a new record high against every major world currency except the Japanese

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Dollar to Crash to Zero, Gold Will Surge

By: Bud Conrad, as reported by Dan Weil The global debt crisis will send the dollar and other paper currencies to zero, and gold will be the beneficiary, says Bud Conrad, chief economist at Casey Research. “The dollar is coming back right now, but it’s a false

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