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Monthly archive for August 2012

No News from Jackson Hole

By:  John Fisher Gold surged 3.3 percent last week.  Prices this week have been basically flat. The S&P 500 Index has declined modestly from its highs of a week ago (can anyone tell me why the markets are trading at these levels – are things that rosy?)

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Taking a Breather

By:  John Fisher After a very impressive rally in the precious metals over the last week, all four were taking a breather yesterday (Tuesday) as they consolidate and become accustomed to these higher trading ranges.  It would not be surprising to see a bit more of a

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Off to the Races??

By:  John Fisher     All Things Considered – John’s Commentary: Action to take:  We all have to accept that the primary trend in both gold and silver is up – resulting in higher prices. We all want bargains, but if you believe in higher prices, then

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“Where Else Am I Going to Put It?”

By:  John Fisher I have a series of questions I always ask prospective clients as part of my commitment to offer the very best advice, even if it does not result in a sale.  One of those questions is “What has caused you to consider purchasing metals

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The Golden Triangle

By:  John Fisher   All Things Considered – John’s Commentary: The trend in Gold (and Silver) is still up.  NEVER buck the trend.  This market will reverse and we will be off to the races. Two actions to take:  1) Patience   2) Accumulation Quote of the day:  “The

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