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Shipping Policies

Safe and Secure Precious Metals Delivery and Shipping

Delivery – Process, Methods, Transit Times & Tracking

The Process

When you initially placed your order, the items, quantity and price were ‘locked in’.   Upon receipt of your payment and cleared funds, the inventory we have held on your behalf will be released.  When all items ordered are assembled, they are professionally packaged and shipped. We immediately provide you with all of shipping information and a tracking number via email.  All packages shipped require a mandatory signature upon delivery.

If we ship your order directly from our inventory in our offices, we will also ship via an unmarked package.  Because we also act as brokers, we often times will not ship directly from our offices.  Instead, your order is shipped directly from one or multiple domestic and/or international wholesale suppliers in unmarked packaging.

We will ship via Brinks for very large orders and then utilize FedEx, UPS and USPS Registered Mail for smaller orders.  All packages we ship are insured via a Lloyds of London insurance policy or through Brinks.

Shipping Speeds:

Speedy, safe and secure shipping is a top priority with our firm.  All precious metals are shipped upon on the business day when funds are fully cleared.  You will receive a shipping confirmation and tracking number via email when your package is shipped.   When order is picked up and processed by the selected carrier, you will have a tracking number and full access to track your package on the FedEx, UPS and USPS websites.   Transit time for most orders is typically 2-4 days.

General Payment Clearing Timeframes:

  • Credit Cards –  Instant Upon Checkout .  We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.
  • PayPal – Instant Upon Checkout
  • Paper Check – 7-10 Business Days from Deposit – this is largely dependent on the timing of your bank’s release of funds.  We ship immediately upon release of funds.
  • Bank Wire – Instant Upon Receipt of Wire

Once your order is picked up by the carrier, you will have access to full tracking every step of the way via the or websites. Orders typically spend only 1-4 days in-transit before final delivery to your doorstep.

Shipping and Handling Charges:

15 oz.+ of Gold:            Free shipping and insurance
500 oz.+ of Silver:       Free shipping and insurance
All other orders:          $9.99 shipping and insurance

Delivery – Back-Orders and Delayed Delivery

Not all items may be available for immediate delivery.   If it is an online product, all back ordered items are marked as currently unavailable to purchase on the site.   If you would like to order by phone or in person, we will allow you to order back ordered products and lock-in at fixed price.  Your order will then be placed in a “queue” for fulfillment.  We will consistently communicate with you via email as to the anticipated delivery times.

Customer Shipping When You Sell to Us – Shipping Your Items to Fisher Precious Metals

When shipping items to us, the very best and safest method is US Postal Service Registered, Insured Mail. The Post Office rarely loses a registered package. You must purchase the insurance.  If your shipment is the rare one that gets lost, you will be covered by the insurance.  Please read all the instructions below carefully before you ship


    1. Inside each package place a duplicate copy of the “ship to” address.  Also include your contact information.  This is a safety measure in the event the label on the outside of the package falls off or becomes illegible.
    2. Use your return address on the outside of the package.
    3. Use Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes.  The Postal Service offers a “Flat Rate Box” that enables you to ship up to 70 pounds anywhere in the U.S. for a low, flat rate postage amount.  We highly recommend using the USPS “Flat Rate” boxes.
    4. SEAL AND COVER ALL SEAMS with gummed (water activated) brown ‘Kraft’ paper tape with filament reinforcing.  The Postal Service will not accept any registered mail package with slick, shiny or masking tape on the outside.  Slick, shiny or masking tape will be refused.  Most office supply stores sell gummed ‘Kraft’ paper tape with filament reinforcing (Quill No. 032-40HD005, Office Depot #444-443, Staples #616-604).
  • All seams must be covered!!  Use the brown gummed paper tape with filament reinforcing.  Cover every seam completely to the very end with no part of the seam exposed.  We cannot emphasize this strongly enough.  There should be no part of any seam visible or even slightly exposed!  Take this seriously, or you will have difficulties at the post office.
  • As you seal the Flat Rate Box, the tape must NOT cover the printed insignias on the box that say, “Flat Rate Box.”  If the postal clerk can’t see that “Flat Rate” insignia, they will not allow you to ship at the inexpensive “flat rate” amount.

USPS Details:

  1. You MUST ship by REGISTERED, INSURED Mail with RETURN RECEIPT.  Insure every package for the FULL VALUE of its contents and pay the applicable fees. This is for your protection in the event of loss.   If you do not insure the package (or don’t insure it for its full value) and the package is lost, you will lose your investment (or that part which was underinsured) and still be liable to send us the gold or silver.  Ship your order within (24) hours unless we ask you to hold it longer.  Please call us with the registered number once you have shipped your items (this speeds up your payment).
  2. DO NOT ship any one package with items worth more than $25,000.  The Post Office will not insure a package for more than $25,000.  Use multiple packages if necessary.
  3. Do NOT allow any postal clerk to tell you that Registered Service is not available with Priority Flat Rate Service.  Refer them to:  Look under the headings “Add extra services” and “Protection in transit.”  There the “Registered Mail Service when used in conjunction with the Flat Rate Priority Mail Service” is explained. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES allow the postal clerk to talk you into shipping any way other than by REGISTERED MAIL WITH INSURANCE.  This is the least expensive and safest way to ship, PERIOD!

Customer Shipping – Gold & Silver Specifics

The following applies specifically to the shipment of gold:

  1. Use the Priority Mail Flat Rate Box (small or large size).
  2. Make certain you pack the gold coins in such a manner that the items do not shift around and rub against each other.  We recommend using bubble wrap.  If the items are in a tube, put cellophane tape or strapping tape around the entire tube to secure it.

The following applies specifically to the shipment of silver:

  1. Use the size “Large” Flat Rate Box from the post office.  The box measures approximately 10.5”x8.5”x5.5” and clearly displays a “FLAT RATE” insignia in several places on the exterior.
  2. Because of the weight of the silver, it is STRONGLY recommended that you “double box” the contents.  We recommend inserting a 10”x8”x5” cardboard box inside the size “Large” USPS flat rate box.  These “double boxes” are available from U-Line Corporation, model #S-4517 (  They are inexpensive and fit perfectly.  If a double box is not used on heavy silver shipments, the USPS Flat Rate Box could burst open during shipment.  You are still covered for the contents of the box with the insurance you purchased.  However, you will have to go through the lengthy, arduous claims process.
  3. We highly recommend you wrap the interior and exterior cardboard boxes with strapping tape (also referred to as filament tape).  We use ¾” Scotch brand “Strapping, high tensile strength tape with filament”.  Then…
  4. You MUST (we do mean MUST or the post office will refuse your shipment) then cover this slick filament tape with gummed, brown paper tape that also has filament (see Customer Shipping – Shipping Your Items to Fisher Precious Metals above).


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